Investor Relations


Sky ICT (Public) Company Limited is the service provider of Information and Communication Technology System offering the efficient and secure products and services of information and communication system with the acceptable superior selected base products worldwide. The Company presents an appropriate service to accommodate the customers’ use in diverse organizations such as consult, design, security system installation for physical and data security, network and computer system and maintenance. This is the all-inclusive of information and communication technology safety services or “ICT Solutions” to responds to the rapid expansion of business and high competition by implementing ICT to develop business potentiality.    

The Company provides the ICT professional and skillful team and apprehends the customer’s business so we offer assistance and support organizational customers by implementing efficient ICT system to uphold the operational process in the customer’s business safely and efficiently.        

   The Company’s core business is classified into two main categories.

  1. Information and Communication Technology System Integration: ICT-SI
  2. Non- Information and Communication Technology System Integration: Non-ICT-SI

    1. Information and Communication Technology System Integration: ICT-SI

The Company performs Information and Communication Technology System Integration or ICT-SI covering consulting, design, installation, maintenance, and supply and distribution services of ICT products and equipment. This is the all-inclusive ICT safety services or “ICT Solutions” by implementing ICT to satisfy the demand of enterprise for the higher quality and security of data management. The main target customer is organizational customers from government and private sector whose most projects are complexity projects. It is classified into two parts.

    1.1 ICT Solutions The Company provides counsel, designs, supplies and distributes ICT products and equipment that are significant to the enterprise security in six solutions: Physical Security System,  Cyber Security Solution, Enterprise Wireless Solution, Virtualization Solution, Data Protection and Recovery Solution, and Data Center Facility Solution.

Aside from solutions and products and equipment supply, the Company distributes other IT products and equipment such as computer, notebook, scanner, printer, toner, server, storage, switch, and software based on the customer’s demand.

    1.2 Other IT Services such as Implementing and Installation Service, Maintenance Agreement Service, and Consult, Design and Project Management Service.

    2. Non-IT Solution

Apart from ICT Solution services, the Company distributes Non-IT solutions as the customer’s demand with the strong binding business alliances and capable expertise staff such as Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), transport service, and so on. We hired for the entire operation at the first stage and began to perform and control the complete operational process afterwards as we aim to increase the greater self-performance to control work quality.