Investor Relations


SKY ICT Public Company Limited registered on 26 May1997, registered capital fund at 1 million baht in the name Con and Comnet Technology Company Limited, consisted of 4 cofounders, Mr. Virat Anurakputti, Mr. Apisit Honglawan, Mr. Dullapak Pengpanpat, Mr. Rabil Klansakul. All are experienced computer programmer, the company emphasized Network Communication service and Turn-Key Project Management. Normally,the company’s customer might be organization both in government and private sectors, some are school or hospital which needed products or gadgets related IT for their works or to increase operate quality and safety information. After that in year 2003, the company though that expanding IT business was a crucial key, so it initiated system integrator (SI) or IT solution which is IT service and also presented computer system, hardware, software and networking service, including application program which might respond to differ working purpose.

In the year 2001, the company started it computer rental business and in 2008 started its printer rental business. In 2011, the company expands it business by open training center about equipment usage and computer usage. Starting from safety system provider of Fortinet which the company had received firm support and open Fortinet course as its first course.

Company had increased its fund for circulating us within company, from registered fund at 1 million baht into 10 million baht, 20 million baht, 40 million baht, 80 million baht, 115 million baht, 172.5 million baht, 201.25 million baht in the year 2000, 2005, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2016 and 2018. Now, it has registered fund at 252.75 million baht, 241,892,943.00 baht paid up fund.